Chemishield prevents the incompatible mixing of chemical waste streams

A chemical waste management system to make your labs, safer, greener & compliant

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How it works?

Chemishield removes the need for users to think about chemical compatibility when disposing of their chemical waste in a laboratory environment, safeguarding both people and plant.

Select chemicals & quantities
Chemishield presents correct waste bottle
Correct bottle selected? Scan it!
Safely dispose of your chemicals

2-Step Verification

You'll never pick the wrong waste bottle or container with our two-step verification process. Leave the decision making to Chemishield.

Compliant Labelling

Chemishield produces CLP-compliant labels. No need for any high-tech printer labels, as Chemishield works with your humble office printer. Just load up your A5 labels and you're good to print.

Benefits of Chemishield

Chemishield is a chemical waste management system that can be used to safely track and trace chemical waste across your entire facility. Chemishield is a flexible, agile solution that can be set up in moments.

Chemishield will ensure:


  • Elimination of lab accidents due to the mixing of incompatible waste streams
  • Reduction of facility downtime associated with lab accidents
  • All waste fully labelled, allowing for easy identification

Traceability & Cost

  • Chemishield automates waste disposal, as well as tracking and tracing all user activity
  • Cost effective disposal, as waste streams are defined and controlled
  • Powerful analytics showcasing your waste disposal practices

Compliance & Recyclability

  • Utilizes CLP compliant labelling and a two-step verifcation process
  • Optimizing waste streams has a more positive impact on the environment.
  • Our decanting functionality contributes to a cleaner and greener planet by reducing single-use plastics
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