Release Notes

This is where we highlight our products new features and improvements.

10/12/2020 00:00

What's New

Solid Waste

Solid Waste track and trace has been added to Chemishield, allowing you to track and trace ALL waste within your facility.



We've updated our reporting to include interactive graphs. Track trends, waste in bottles and waste by locations. The updated reporting is available to all Lab Managers and is available via the user menu.

Chemishield Rebrand

Chemishield has a brand new logo as part of the Aphex Group rebrand. You'll notice it throughout Chemishield, on all labels and on all reports.

7/10/2020 00:00

What's New

Last Active Time

The users table will now show the last day that a user was active on Chemishield for all users that have logged in since June 12, 2020.

Sink Labels

Sink labels are now available to be printed by Lab Techs and Disposal Operators via the Print Labels page.


Waste Streams

The Waste Streams home page has been redesigned to make managing Waste Streams a much clearer and cleaner experience.

Bulk Imports

We've improved our bulk import process for substances and mixtures. Chemishield will now guide Lab Managers through each step of the import process, providing tips and feedback as you progress.

Coming Soon

Improved Reporting

We're currently testing our improved reporting which will feature interactive graphs, letting you generate the reports and graphs you want, whenever you want them.

5/12/2020 00:00

What's New

Live Notifications

Live notifications will appear at the top of the screen. Select the bell icon, when a number appears beside it, to get a list of all recent and live notifications. Select a notification to view further information.


Live Notifications

Our Live Notification system will now let you see Bottles update in realtime, receive notifications when Bottles are full and when Substances, Mixtures, Labs, Waste Streams and Users are added to Chemishield. Lab Managers will also be notified of all additions to all Bottles and any changes to Substances, Mixtures, Labs, Waste Streams and Users as they happen.

Coming Soon

Improved Bulk Imports

We're currently in the early stages of improving our bulk import functionality and improving the Waste Streams page for Lab Managers. A smoother importing experience and cleaner page layout are coming soon.

4/29/2020 00:00

What's New

Latest Updates

All the latest Chemishield updates will now be announced to you as soon as you login. From What's New to Coming Soon and everything in between, you can read all about it right here.


Bottle History

Disposal Operators can now search a Bottle's history using a date range filter. Check it out on the Bottle page.

Audit Log

We've made some minor changes to the Audit Log text to help make it a bit clearer.

Coming Soon

Live Notifications

We're currently adding some final touches to our Live Notification system. Get instant notifications when Bottles are full, Substances get added and more.

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